Crocheted Heart Garland

So, would you like the pattern for the crocheted mini heart garland that was in the 

It's super easy.  I found the heart pattern here.  I found some others, but this one was the easiest and worked out in the best heart shape.  I used cotton yarn and a size 4 hook.  You can also find a different heart garland pattern here.  

I crocheted a chain of 15 and connected a heart in the middle with a slip stitch.  Then I chained another fifteen and connected another heart.  Just continue until you run out of hearts leaving a tail of 15 at the end.  Fasten off!



The Rural Life (aka Cornbread Fed) said...

So adorable. I have tried and tried to learn to crochet with no success...maybe someday!

Terri Quite Contrary said...

Oh, this is the perfect project for me! I have a bunch of red yarn leftover from another project and have been looking for something to make with. Thanks so much!

Esther Sunday said...

Ye creativity is on fire, Maize.

Marilyn said...

There are hundreds of garlands out in blogland but yours is the best and cutest!

Zaz said...

oh thank you very much maize, i loved your hearts because they are the simplest shape i've seen.
and a step by step video for non crocheters is great.


SteamyKitchen said...

Been exploring your site all morning! Love all the ideas....jaden