Recently Thrifted

 Some days you have all the luck.
This little girl print makes me smile even though she looks sad.

 A leather case is always a wonderful find. 
 Especially if it's in new condition and still has the keys!

 A Lubitel in excellent condition has been on my wish list for a very long time.  Takes 120 film and I can't wait to get it processed.

How can one pass up a little sewing box with drawers that hangs on the wall?  I can't!

My go to DIY Massage Therapist

Yup.  It's that easy.  This is my DIY massage therapist.
Just lay down on the floor, put the ball behind your neck, shoulders or lower back and roll around on top of it.  
Does wonders for aching muscles and gives a great deep tissue massage.  
I even use it on my forearms when they start to ache after crocheting for long periods of time.

The reason why my tennis ball has MOM written on it is so Violet knows it isn't hers!

Granny Pants

I bought these ripped up jeans in Dublin Ireland in 2009 while we were there for the U2 concert.  I wore them with patches when my daughter and I went to see U2 this month in Seattle.  The rips were getting a bit too revealing.  :)

While I was visiting my mother recently, I wore the jeans when they were still ripped.  She asked me "Did you buy those ripped?"  "Yeah, mom.  They're cool."  She just shook her head and replied "I'll never understand why people just don't rip up their old jeans instead of buying them that way."  "Uh, yeah, ya got a point mom!"

I just played around when it came to stitching the rips up.

Dug out some fabric I brought back from Japan in 2007 for the patch.

And, added a thrifted vintage doily.  I'm eyeing my bib overalls now.  They need a bit of granny bling.  

I've been looking for some shorts with lace trim to wear under skirts, but haven't had any luck... until I saw this DIY today.  I'm racing off to Target to buy myself some white boxer shorts to embellish with lace right now.  
They''ll be groovy mom!
(does anyone say 'groovy' anymore or is it just me?)

My Felt Cottage Needlebook

This just makes sewing so much more fun!

I finished 5, yes 5 of them.  
I'm keeping one for myself, but if you'd like to purchase one of the other four, they're available in my Etsy shop.  
Each one is different, they're made of wool felt and hand stitched by me.  :)

Photo Animation

I've been wondering how people animate their photos and with a quick Google search I found  Free too!  I decided to use Violet's photo from rafting the Madison River last year.  Isn't she cute bouncing along?

When the going gets tough....

The tough go thrifting! 

Especially when one volunteers to spend four full days painting the complete interior of her brother's rental house (including ceilings!). 

In order to reward myself for a job well done and to soothe my aching brain and joints, a thrift store stop was called for!  I spent four days driving past it and on the fifth day at 10 am, I pulled into the parking lot.
I found some lovely paper lanterns and hung them on the clothesline this morning with high hopes they fade beautifully.

I couldn't pass up the wire birdhouse for $2.  Seems I've started a collection without intending to.  

The weather has shifted from dark and chilly to sunny and warm.

You'll be able to find me today lounging outside with a large glass of iced tea and a crochet project---waiting ever so patiently for my lanterns to fade and keeping the birds from using them as targets.

Thrifted Dress Redo

I found a great linen summer dress at the thrift store.  
Since it was plain, I decided to add a crocheted picot edge.

 I also had some velvet ribbon that's been hanging around for ages, so I decided to use some of it as trim.
Crocheting edging does take a bit of time.  I'm using this as practice for some pillowcases.

Then I made a braided velvet belt from the trim.  I can wear it as a belt, necklace or hair tie.

Have you redone a thrifty frock lately?  

I purchased my first clothing pattern the other day.  I haven't actually sewn a complete garment in years and I'm sure my sewing machine Chuck will get a workout.  I'm hoping to complete it this weekend, provided I don't get frustrated and throw it all into a heap.  :)

My strange addiction

 Maybe because it's nostalgic. 
(This one is my fave)
 Maybe because it's the thrill of finding them in a thrift store.
Or, maybe it's the font used on the cover.
Whatever the attraction is, I've got it.  
I've been collecting vintage photograph albums for a while now.  
I think they're really cute with old family photos.  
I love the black paper pages and write little titles with a white pen.  
I also use the photo corners for an extra vintage look.  
Do any of you collect these or is it just me?  :)

Sneak Peek....

Here's a sneak peak of three colors in my new rick rack ring kit.  
I'm lovin' the velvet rick rack!

Each kit will be packaged in a hand screened muslin bag and contain instructions, a blank flat silver or bronze ring shank, a 10 inch length of velvet rick rack with coordinating thread and needle wrapped on a cute little wood spool button which you can use for another project!  
All you'll need to supply is the glue. 

They make me smile! :)

Thrifted Pins

I found a few little lovelies on Thrifty Thursday!
I'm a sucker for vintage pins.
I couldn't pass on the scissor one either.

My favorite thrift stores are the ones run by the churches.  
Their prices are good, the stores are orderly and clean and the staff is nice. 

Is it just me, or are some major thrift stores missing the point of the word "thrift" these days?  
Seems like they're asking a lot for their junk!  :)

Free Form Machine Embroidery

 I got the urge to do some free form stitching on my sewing machine.  No tracing allowed!

Just go with the flow and don't clip the ends.

Monday Faves on Pinterest

Painted Wooden Spools

Fabric and Wire Birdies

Fabric Bow DIY

A crocheted bike guard

A crocheted crown

Printable Photo Props

What's inspiring you?!

And then my heart went pitter pat...

Could it actually be true I have soul sisters?  Yes.  Yesiree.  Yup.  And Mollie Makes has gathered them up in their first issue to announce to the world 'We are here!  We make stuff!  We love vintage and handmade.  We adore making our house a home.' 

I couldn't be more pleased to find a magazine that speaks to my heart and defines my being.
I'm hooked.  I want more.    

Playing with Hipstamatic

I apologize for my absence this week.  
I have been busy with photographing the new Rick Rack Ring kits.  
I found velvet rick rack in luscious colors and can't wait to show you.

 I diverted myself this afternoon to play with the new Hipstamatic app on my I phone.

The yard is blooming with color these days and I am looking forward to the Farmer's Market tomorrow morning.

So as not to leave your hands idle much longer, I will have a new crochet cuff tutorial next week.  
It is the perfect one to practice your stitches if you are new to the hook.
Have a lovely weekend!

Monday Faves on Pinterest

Would love to make something similar.
Paint trick.  Must remember this.

Great gift for knitting or crochet friends.  :)

Use a glue gun to write words on jars before painting.

Use a fork to make tiny pom poms.

Fabric Doll House DIY.

Have a great Monday!

Beer + Daughter + Outdoor U2 concert = Happiness!

I was so close I could almost touch his toes.  :)

 Lenny Kravitz is so FLY!

The best day!