Crochet a Pouchy Pouch!

This is an easy project for the crochet beginner or a seasoned hooker!  All you need to know is how to chain and single crochet.  These are really cute necklace pouches. Useful?  Well, who knows.  But, it's a beautiful little accessory because it's made from linen. You could fit some change in it or lip balm.  I wore it with one of my enameled vintage keys.  Kids would love these to carry their little treasures in!

I came up with this pattern because I wanted to practice crocheting with the new linen yarn I bought. It's crocheted in one piece so there's no sewing the straps or the sides together.  Watch when I tell you not to bind off!  :)  

I used Habu Textiles linen yarn, but you could use embroidery thread or something similar in weight. Of course, you could use a larger hook and worsted weight yarn to make a bigger pouchy pouch.

Here goes:

Size C hook or #2
Habu Linen Yarn or embroidery thread
Large eye needle for weaving in ends

Ch 11
R1:  SC in 2nd chain from hook.  SC in all chains to end of row.  (10 sc) Ch 1 turn.
Continue crocheting each row as Row 1 until the piece measures approx. 4 inches.  You will have a rectangle.  Do not bind off.  

Now you're going to construct your pouch.  Fold piece in half.  SC along one side in each stitch.  When you reach the end, SC 3 times in one stitch to make the corner.  

Continue SC in each stitch along the bottom (you could crochet a cute edge here) until you reach the end.  SC 3 times in one stitch to make the second corner.  Continue SC in each stitch until the side is completed.  Do not bind off.

Now you will make the strap.  

CH 200 or as long as you'd like your strap.  When you get to the length you like, SC in the other side of the pouch to attach the strap.  Now SC in each stitch along one side of the top of the pouch until you get to the other side of the strap.

You're going to make the strap stronger now.  SC in each CH of the strap until you reach the other side of the pouch--making sure you don't twist it because if you do you'll have a twisty pouchy pouch and we don't want that.  Now, SC in each stitch along the other side of the top of the pouch like you did before.  When you reach the end, bind off and weave in the ends.

Your Pouchy Pouch is now ready to wear.  You can embellish it or leave it plain.  Beautiful and easy!



The Creative Muslimah said...

This is so cute! Saw this at craft gawker and i really just had to check it out! Recently started crocheting, so this is a great beginners project for me to try out! Thank you so much for sharing, and it's just so cute! :)

-The Creative Muslimah @

Sam Findlay said...

This is a great little purse!

Sara said...

Hello Miss Maize. This little Pouchy Pouch is so pretty! My little ladies would love to have one to carry their little treasures. And one of my little ladies may even be able to make this on her own. She has mastered the single crochet at 8 years old. Thanks for sending me the link. Posting this tomorrow at Tangled Happy. Wishing you a happy Wednesday! :)

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Thanks for sharing this adorable pouch. xoRobin❤

Mommafo said...

I just bought some cotton thread to make this out of-- I hope it's close in weight to the linen you used! Since I got white, I'm thinking I could dye them after I make them. :)