It's that time...

My father is having open heart surgery this week and I must travel to be with him, so I probably won't be posting for a while.  Hopefully, everything will go okay and I'll be back shortly.  
Until then,
Semper Fi.

Happy Kitty

Even though she's hand painted, my little fiddy cent vintage kitty makes me happy!

Pretty Little Maidens...All In A Row....

I went to a church garage sale on Friday and found a great table and chair set for $30.  The chairs needed recovering, and I thought some of my vintage pillowcases would be perfect for the job.

This project was more work than I had planned!  Because the chairs had absolutely no cushion whatsoever, I had to purchase some two inch padding from Joanns which was another $27 with my 40% off coupon.  Then, the staples for my staple gun were too long and I ended up pulling out every little tack and having to reuse them. 

I also painted the top of the table a vintage slate blue color.  I'll show a picture of that later when the lighting is better.  Overall, I'm pretty happy with how everything turned out.  I could use some more experience reupholstering. 
So, I'm going to tackle these lovely ladies next.  Wish me well! 

How to Make a Flower Thimble Necklace

I had so much fun making these!  
Remember my post when I found some thrifted thimbles?  
They became necklaces and I thought I'd share how I did it with you.
Here's what you'll need:  Thimble, flower (use a small one or make one with fabric), piece of felt, chain or ribbon, jump rings, clasp, thread and needle, poly stuffing, lace, glue, pliers (not pictured but you'll need them to open and close the jump rings), a tool to make the holes in the thimble.  I used a great steel hole punch from Fire Mountain that I use to drill holes in coins, but you could also use a drill with a small bit.  Be careful if you use a drill!

 First cut your felt in a circle shape and make a little snip for the flowers and insert them in the hole.

 Glue around the flowers on the backside to secure.  Let it dry.

Stuff a little bit of poly fill underneath the flower.

With your needle and thread, make a running stitch along the bottom and tighten it.  
I also wrapped the thread around it then knotted it securely.  Trim the bottom.
With your tool or drill, make two holes on each side of the thimble.

I drilled mine from the inside out so it wouldn't bend.
Glue some cute lace around the edge.  Let dry.
Attach the jump rings to the thimble and each end of the chain.

Depending whether you're left or right handed (to determine which side you want your clasp on), attach the jump rings and clasp.

 Place a little bit of glue inside the thimble, insert your flower and push it down a bit so it fits correctly.
Your pretty little necklace is done!
Wear and enjoy.
These are going to make such great gifts for my crafty friends!

Free Fabric Desktop Calendars and Wallpaper

I just found this site and I'm seriously crushing on it!
Mae has some beautiful free computer calendar and wallpaper downloads.
But, her specialty is fabric decals for your wall!
They're re-usable too!

I'm in LOVE with the hankies and that dear deer.  So cute!  
Think I better put it on my Christmas wish list.

Moccasin Redo

 I had a craft fail yesterday, so in order to redeem myself I decided to redo a pair of moccasins.

I've been searching for a pair to redo (after seeing these) at the thrift store, but haven't been lucky enough to find any I like.  The other day, I was in Target and they have three colors, gray, brown and black for $16.  I cut off the fringe portion and started the redo.

I used one strand of white twine and stitched, using the existing holes by following the stitching already on the mocs.  Then, I cut out some hearts from a thrifted leather jacket and skirt (I was wishing I had some yellow colored leather as I originally wanted to make stars).  I glued them together and then stitched around the hearts.  After I was done,  I glued the hearts to the top of the mocs.  

I can't wait to wear them!

My Favorite 'Old' Bag

For the moment anyway.  I found this at an Army/Navy Surplus store while I was shopping with my Mom.  She thought I was crazy and asked  'Why are you buying an OLD bag?'  Ummm, it's cool mom!

Thrifted Collection

All of this was in one bag for $1.99.  
How did that happen?
I'm going to make cute little necklaces with the thimbles,
lace belts with the buckles and something cute with the vintage red brass buttons.

Rick Rack Ring Kits in my Etsy Shop!

 I'm very pleased to be offering my new Velvet Rick Rack Ring kits in my Etsy Shop
Each kit comes to you in a hand printed muslin bag with a vintage button.  
Inside the kit is a 10" length of velvet rick rack in your choice of color, a ring shank in your choice of silver or bronze, and a little wooden spool button with coordinating thread and a needle!   
You can use the spool button and vintage button on the bag for another project.  
You'll also receive instructions on how to create your little ring!

 Here are the colors available for each ring. 
Two color choices for the ring shank.
Each kit is $6.  If you purchase two you'll get one free!

My New Banner

My new banner (up there) was made from a thrifted leather jacket and wood letters and stars from JoAnns that I painted and glittered.  I wore a thrifted dress (found on the costume rack) and my Dingo boots!  When you're thrifting this time of year, make sure to check the costume rack!  There's a lot of vintage dresses that are sold as costumes.  I even found a great vintage hat!

For the banner, I simply cut two pieces of leather from the back of a jacket, sewed them together and cut the fringe.  The letters were then glued on. 

I'm still not sick of banners or buntings.....yet!  :)  Are you?

All My Love Vintage Embroidery Pattern

Here's a sweet thrifted vintage embroidery pattern I found for you!  Unfortunately, it was too big for my scanner, so I had to cut the birds out and scan them separately.  I've given you directions on where to place the birds.  You can download the original size for the All My Love Darling here and the birds here.  Wouldn't these be cute embroidered on pillowcases for the bride and groom?  

Freaky Friday!

I'm freakin' over all of these today!
Printstagram mini books made with your Instagram prints!
3 for $10 and they even have a magnet so you can put them on your fridge.

A chalkboard pendant DIY!
I see Christmas presents!  Too early?!

 My thrifted Dingo boots!
I was in Oregon for a few days and scored these babies! 
My new Brenda Dunn print for the studio!
She's got awesome stuff!

I'll be at a pig roast tomorrow and am going to get my bike 'Olivine' out on Sunday. 
I'm making a skirt guard for her which has given me a few fits of crochet craziness.  
I think I've finally figured it out.  Can't wait to share it when I'm finished!  
Hopefully, I'll have it done while there are still nice days to take a bike ride.
Have a lovely weekend!

My Articles in Greencraft Magazine

The latest issue of Greencraft magazine is out and two of my articles are in it!

 My Poppy Pocket Tutorial is here.

 My rick rack ring tutorial is here.

This is my second publication with Greencraft and it really boosted my spirits to see the lovely photos.
There are tons of wonderful projects using recycled supplies.
Thank you Greencraft!
You can find a copy at your local JoAnns or Barnes & Noble.  

My Rick Rack ring kits using velvet rick rack will be available for purchase next week! 
They're super cute!!!

What I'm Workin On...

My neighbor cut down a tree and I managed to snag a few stumps for tables.  Peeled off the bark with a paint scraper and hammer.  Took me about 30 minutes to do.  I'm letting them dry, sanding the top, rubbing with linseed oil and then coating them with clear paint.  See the idea here.  

Painting driftwood with different colored stripes.

What are you working on?
I'm thinking about hosting a linky craft party.  Anyone interested?

Free Download Books

Apparently, there's been some controversy over the link I provided for the free Japanese Craft Books.  The website and the downloads looked legit, but a few people have said they believe the site is illegal and  are providing the books as scanned pages.

I initially discovered the link from another site (which I recently contacted regarding the controversy) and thought I'd share it with you.  However, after I received emails stating the link I provided was down, I went back to the blog where I found the original link to see if I had copied it wrong and saw that this person with the free book downloads had opened up an Etsy account today and is now selling them.

I don't condone or endorse people doing anything illegal on the internet but at the same time, I'm not one to police it and determine whether or not what people are doing is legit.  I was merely providing a link that I believed was legal.

That being said, the link to the Etsy shop that I discovered (I've taken down the link because she's getting a lot of sales) was here.   In the meantime, I've removed the post because I will not promote illegal activity.


Thrifting is my drug!

 I can't pass up vintage rooster kitchen stuff.  These will go great with my wooden canister set.

 Wooden painted faces?  Yes please.  
I'll have to make some little felt bodies for these with cute little dresses.

Love the retro green!
I recently painted a childhood chair this color and will show you how it turned out soon!

I see talent!

I stumbled upon this talented young lady, Esther from the Sticks, and I'm really impressed.
She's sixteen years old and made this video by herself.
It's beautiful and has inspired me to make my own.

She also makes dresses from sheets and

fabric she's purchased for $1 a yard at Walmart.

She also photographs herself and designs her own clothes.
I'm thinkin' she's got a great future ahead of her.

I started sewing in the 4th grade.  
My first project was a pair of white bell bottom pants with turquoise ball fringe.  HA!

I tell ya, if today's technology had been around when I was 16, I'd totally be doing this!

Check out her blog here.