Venice 3

Oh, I love your craziness.  I was a-maize-d how all the gondolas, ferries and ships were able to maneuver without crashing into each other.


There's no better way to see Venice than by gondola.  When I was there in 1995, I wanted to take a ride on one but it seemed a bit unromantic, since I was with my brother.  We chose to walk around instead.

Venice Gondola

Venice 4

Venice 1

Venice 2

Gondola Ride Venice

Venice 3

Venice 6

Bridge of Sighs
I always thought this was an interesting story.  The Bridge is connected to an old prison and got it's name because as prisoners were being led over the bridge to their cell, they would 'sigh' at their last view of Venice.

grand canal Venice

I love this shot of the laundry hanging out the window.

I remember it well.  Pigeons.  Lots of Pigeons.  So many that I was afraid to eat my lunch outside.
I wanted to go into the church, but because I was wearing shorts above my knee, I wasn't allowed in.  My brother was wearing shorts just above the knee too, but they let him go in.  
Go figure!

I remember finding a really cute stationery shop there and purchased a leather journal which I still have to this day!

Up next....Capri.


Forum Rome

Mom at the Forum - Rome

Fountain of Trevi 2

This is Fountain of Trevi.  I really love the horses.

Make a wish Fountain of Trevi

Make a wish!

Forum Rome

Colliseum Rome

Mom & Serjo-Forum Rome

Mom & Serjo.  I'm guessin' he was one of the tour guides on her trip.  Just think, if mom had stayed in Europe and married Serjo....well, they make a cute couple!  I love her dress.

Palace Ruins Rome
Palace Ruins

Adrians Villa

Adrians Villa 3

Adrians Villa
Naples Bay

Orange Trees in Sorrento 
Up next...Venice.

Pisa & Rome

Mom at Fountain of Trevi

I was chatting with my mom the other day about her trip to Europe, and she told me she'd kept letters and postcards she'd sent to my grandparents while she was on her tour.  
She also said she'd kept her original train tickets and I believe the ticket for the ship. 
She's sending everything to me so I can digitize it.  
I thought it'd be great to include them in the book I'm making for her. 
I'll be sure to share them once they arrive. 

Train Station Pisa

This is the train station in Pisa.  Mom's the one sitting on the bench in shorts.  
I think that's the one and only picture I have of her in anything other than a dress or skirt.

Church and Baptismal Font

Church & Baptismal Font Pisa

Tower of Pisa

And, of course, the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa.  I've never been there, but I'd love to see it.

St. Peter's Square Rome

This is St. Peter's Square in Rome.

I remember when my brother and I took a bus from Germany to Venice.  When we arrived at the Italian border, we had to stop to pay a toll.  The tour guide told us that most of the toll money collected at the border goes to the Pope.   I don't know if that's true or not but if it is, that's a lot of money!

Spanish Steps Rome

Roman Bridge & Tiber River

Roman Bridge Tiber River

Greek Stadium built by Mussolini

Greek Stadium built by Mussolini

Fountains Roman Square

Fountains in the Roman Square

Inside Pantheon Rome

Inside the Pantheon - Rome

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier - Rome

More of Italy coming up.

Mom in Monaco

Roman Ruins at LaTurbie on way to Monaco
These are Roman Ruins at La Turbie on the way to Monaco.
Nice on Riveria
I'm lovin' this shot of Nice on the Riviera.  I've always wanted to go there.  That beach is so white.
Monte Carlo
Prince Rainier & Grace's Palace Monaco

Next stop...Pisa.

Jam Jar Bonnet Pattern

Here's my crochet pattern for the blackberry jam jar bonnets.  
Be creative with what you use for the tie.  
You can use yarn, leather, ribbon, lace, rick rack etc.

This pattern is for half pint jar lids
C or 2 hook 2 3/4mm
I used rug string
Work in the round

Ch5, join with sl st in 1st ch to form ring.
Row 1:  Ch 4 *dc ch 1* repeat from *to* 7 times in ring.  Join with sl st in 3rd ch of ch 4.
Row 2: In first chain space:  sl st, ch3, 2 dc, ch 1.  
In remaining chain spaces 3 dc ch 1.  Join with st st in top of ch 3.
Rows 3-6:  3 dc in each st around, join each round with sl st in top of ch 3.
Row 7 Edging:  *Ch 3, sc in next st* Repeat from *to* in all remaining stitches.  Sl st in first st to join.  Fasten off.
Weave in ends.
Cut your tie and weave thru the spaces in the row above the edging.
Tie a bow.
Give your Jam to someone special!  

Blackberry Jam Time!

I was out for a walk with Violet the other day and noticed the blackberries were ready for pickin.  I rushed back to my little cottage, grabbed a strainer and a big bowl and headed out to load up.  I picked enough to make eight jars.  I found the cutest canning jars with red gingham tops but I thought they needed little bonnets too so I crocheted up a few.  

For the first time in years, my jam turned out perfecto.  Yummy!

More on Mom's European journey tomorrow.
I told ya I'd sneak in a craft.

Ahh Paris...Oui! Oui!

Crossing Channel
In order to get to Paris from London, they crossed the channel by ferry.  As I look at all the faces in this photo, I wonder what story each person has to tell.

Crossing Channel
That's my mom in the lower left hand corner.  She must have been ecstatic to be going to Paris.  Turns out, both of us were there around the same time but 36 years apart. 

I'm also crushin' on that woman's lace headscarf!  I think I'll make one.

White Cliffs of Dover
These are the White Cliffs of Dover.
Arriving Dieppe
They arrive in the port of Dieppe France.
Eiffel Tower Paris
For the life of me, I don't know why she didn't get a better shot of the Eiffel Tower!
And, I've been jealous of that red bag I keep seeing her tour mate carrying.  Me wanty.

Unesco Japanese Gardens Paris
Arch D'Triomphe Paris

Tomb of Unknown Soldier
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier which is beneath the Arc de Triomphe
Champ Elysees Paris
The Champs Elysees is just as crazy then as it was when I visited in 1995!

Napoleon's Tomb Paris

Gargoyles Notra Dame
Notre Dame Paris
Notre Dame
french garden
French Garden
Pantheon paris
Pantheon in Paris
Little Arc de Triomphe

River Seine, Paris
The River Seine

Mom At Versailles
Mom at Versailles

These pictures of Paris are giving me the itch to go back and I'm wondering why there aren't any photos of the Louvre or the little Statue of Liberty. 
Maybe she lost that roll. 

Next up... Monte Carlo.