The Extent of My Halloween Decorations

Two packages of glo stick necklaces from the Dollar Store.  Cost $2.  Clear taped to the side of the house. Prolly won't get any treaters anywayz. 

Happy Halloween!

Circa 1968!
Mom made all the costumes and the bags!

Brussels. The End.

City Hall Square Brussels
Love the cars.
Arch of Independence Brussels

Little Boy Statue Brussels
Atomium Brussels
Atomium - World's Fair
City Hall Square Houses of Guilds Brussels
City Hall
Wine Party Weesen
I told ya they'd be fast friends!  

Mom did go to Scotland after Brussels and took the long ride back on a ship, but this concludes the tour on the blog. 
I have a couple other pics at the end of the last roll that I thought were cool.

Banff 1959
My grandpa's car.
My uncle on the left and Gram on the right in the pink dress.

Grizzley Park, Gpa, Gma, Mom & Dad
My grandpa and gram -- Mom & Dad.
Love my grandpa's hat.  My mom and dad make a cute couple.  
I'm shocked at how much my son looks like my dad!

The crafty juices are flowing and I have lots to share! 

Featured on Re-nest Today

I love bringing the outdoors in and one of my favorite projects is my Woodsy Hanger.  
If you've started your Christmas projects this year, consider making a few of these.  
They're easy and make great display pieces for your creations.

Thank you to RikkiAnne for featuring my Woodsy Hanger DIY today on Re-nest. 

Denmark & Holland

Coast of Denmark
Coast of Denmark
Mermaid Copenhagen
Famous Mermaid
Parliament Copenhagen
Parliament Building in Copenhagen
Fredericksborg Palace
Fredricksborg Palace
Carlsberg Brewery
Okay, now she's gettin' somewhere!  Carlsberg Brewery!
Kronborg Castle
Kronburg Castle
Windmill Denmark
Can't go to Holland without takin' a picture of a windmill!
Delivering Milk Amsterdam
Delivering milk in Amsterdam.
Alsmeer Flower Auction
The Flower Auction.
wooden shoe factory
Wooden Shoe Factory.  I love me some clogs!
Spakenburg Holland

Spakenburg Holland 2
Aren't they cute wearin' their clogs?
Spakenburg Holland 8
A woman's work is never done.
The tour is ending soon.

The log table is done

 I finally finished the log table I made for my daughter.  I carved her and her man's initials into it then went over it with a wood burner.  It then was painted with a water based/non toxic poly. 

 I'm kinda bummed there's a big crack in the log, but it shouldn't affect the stability of it. 

I'm sure she'll love it!

Oslo Continued

Folksmuseum Oslo

Folksmuseum Oslo 2

Homenkollan Ski Jump
Homenkollen Ski Jump
Homenkollen Ski Jump

Norwegian Costume
Norwegian Costumes
Norwegian Costume 2

Norwegian Costume 3

Kon Tiki

Viking Ship
Viking Ship

Joel & Dede Cycle

Up next...Denmark.

Thanks for indulging me with my posts of my mom's 1959 pictures.

VW Punkin...

Me thinks this is my favorite punkin carving this season!


Ship that took us to Oslo
Ship my mom took to Oslo.

Oslo Harbor
Oslo Harbor

Lincoln Memorial Oslo
Lincoln Memorial
Hey Pat!  Where's your red bag?

King's Palace Vigeland Oslo
King's Palace Vigeland 
Vigeland Park Oslo

Vigeland Park Oslo 2

City Hall Oslo
City Hall

Up next...more Oslo!

More Germany

German Girl
Why hello there little German girl!  Looks like you've got a lot of sweeping to do.
Too cute.

Old Man Chopping Wood
Old man chopping wood.

Heidelberg Germany

Heidelberg Castle
Hamburg Castle

Heidelberg Castle 2
Hamburg Castle

Eisenhut-Iron Hat
Eisenhut Iron Helmut

Monument to Hamburg War Dead
Monument to the War Dead

Ooooo....Up next...Oslo!