Oh Coco My Captain

This gurl grew up in Montana and would take the train to visit her Gram twice a year.  Gram always greeted us with a smile and a huge hug and we'd be off to explore her massive house and play in our Uncle's old room.  It was filled with all sorts of fun stuff.  Old globes, cameras, National Geographic magazines and real mercury in tubes that we'd open and pour on his dresser and play with--which will prolly explain a future disease I will contract.  

Gram's house was filled with kitschy kitsch and one of my most cherished was this little doggie.  
She was my fave and I would seek her out every time I'd visit.  
I called her Coco after my Gram's little mutt.  

The thriftin' angels were lookin' out for me recently, when I found Coco's twin residin' in the glass case at my favorite little thrift store.  Memories of my Gram came floodin' back and I had to snag her for myself.  I emailed a picture to my mom and exclaimed 'Look what I found!'  She confirmed it was the same one as she has Gram's original Coco is sittin' on a little table next to a tiny tea set in her house.  
Now, it's chilly outside so I decided my little Coco needed a croshayed bonnet to keep her ears warm, for all cute little doggies need a croshayed bonnet this time of year. 
She sits with me next to my computer screen as a constant reminder of all those huge hugs and big smiles I got from my Gram as a youngin'.  

The Snow White Scarflette

I purchased this pattern a few years ago- loooong before I could understand croshay terms. 

Since I've been practicin' my croshay skills and have even written a few patterns myself, the nightlight went on and I finally understood how easy this pattern is.  
You can whip one up in an evening.   

The younger gurls on my list will certainly enjoy a chunky Snow White Scarflette- the name I've christened it- even though it's actually called 'Poison Apple.'  
My dear sweet gurls shouldn't have something poisonous wrapped around their necks.  No sirree!   

Lookin' at apples has me hankerin' for a cuppa hot apple cider right 'bout now.

You can find the pattern here

A Colette Dress

My fingers are twitchin to to be stitchin up this lovely frock.  I received the pattern today and this gurl is figurin' a wrap dress is in her future.  I've been ponderin' in front of my piles o' piles of vintage sheets, tryin' to decide which one to cut up first.  It's a dee lema by golly.  Maybe I will cut all of them up, wear a wrap dress every day of the week forever and ever and force the world to wonder if I simply threw a sheet over me-self before I left the cottage.

In other news, two Snow White scarflettes have been completed durin' my croshayin' marathon.  If the sun would shine a bit, I'd be able to snap a picture for you for they are quite lovely indeed and need to be shown in all their glorious gloriousness.

I've got the shivers so a hot cup o'cider is callin my name and I must get back to my ponderin'.

Ciao Bellas.

Finding Fancy Nancy

When one frequents a certain favorite thrift store like I do every week, one is bound to strike up a friendship with the lovely workers there.  While I was plunking down my pennies for a recent purchase, a wonderful lady named Marcia approached me and asked 'Have you ever heard of the children's book series Fancy Nancy?'

Now, my children are long outta the house and I don't have any grandchildren yet, so this particular  book was not on my radar.  'No, I've never heard of Fancy Nancy' I replied.

'Oh, Fancy Nancy has red coil spring curls and wears flower headbands and ruffly dresses, just like you!  It's a compliment, I assure you, and every time you walk into our little thrift store you remind me of her.' Marcia exclaimed.

This brought a huge smile to my face and a spring in my step and I skipped outta my favorite little thrift store and wondered what Fancy Nancy looked like.  Certainly, these days, one can locate a picture of this little miss quite quickly and when I arrived home, up the stairs I hopped to do a fast Googly search.

Much to my surprise, Fancy Nancy does indeed resemble this gurl, somewhat, although she is much younger than I and doesn't appear to age over the years as this one does.  But still, it isn't every day when a gurl discovers she has a cartoon likeness in a child's book.

So, I will hold onto that notion and giggle with the knowledge I am indeed a cartoon character.  Yes, indeedy.  I am.


I spied this adorable vintage book at the thrift store recently and am crushin' on the illustration.  It's been a very long time since I've read Heidi (I loved the movie as a kid) and me thinks it's time to read it again.

Do you have any favorite books from your childhood?  Another one I loved was Pippy Longstocking.  I'll have to put it on my 'look for' thrifting list. 

Makin' Jar Jackets

This gurl has been busy croshayin' warm little jar jackets 'dottiestyle' as tutorialed in her new book.  It appears the vintagey fabric labels are findin' their way onto a few croshayed hangers too.

Dala Darlings

She heard them whinny.  It was a faint sound at first and then their colors caught her eye.  
Ol' Red and Baby Blue stood proud amongst the rest of the misfits on the shelf.  She wasn't Swedish, but she was their best bet.  
They hoped the curly-haired Norwegian cowgirl would lasso them into her cart.

'Oh, Dala Darlings, you two beauties, I'm here to rescue you!
Giddy up!'   

This Norwegian cowgirl is thinkin' stitchin' little felt Dala Darlings are in order for Christmas this year.
Wander on over to the pattern here.