Crochet a Cupid's Heart Arrow Brooch

This gurl is into hearts and arrows lately (well, 'cuz V-day is comin up and all) and the other night I thought I'd combine them together and croshay a little Cupid's Heart Arrow brooch. 

Keep in mind, that if you wanted to make it bigger, for say a wall hanging or sumthin, just use a larger hook and yarn and put a pipe cleaner in the middle for stability and the ability to bend it.   
You might also want to increase the length of the rod and feather portions too by making more chains in the foundation row. 
I haven't made a larger one yet, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to attempt to make a few! 

You'll need:
1.5mm hook
Embroidery floss in the colors you desire

I followed this pattern.  When weaving in the ends, leave a length of thread to sew the heart to the arrow rod.  

Arrow Rod:  
CH 14
R1:  SC in 2nd ch from hook to end.  Ch 1, turn.
R2-6 SC to end of each row making sure to Ch 1 before turning to the next row.
When you get to the end of R6, Ch 1 but don't fasten off yet.

Fold the piece in half.  Sl st in first st, Ch 1, sl st in next st and repeat to end.  
Fasten off and weave in ends. 

Arrow feathers (make 3):
CH 10
R1:  SC in 2nd ch from hook to end.  
Fasten off.  
Weave in ends to center, leaving a length to sew the arrows to the rod portion.

Attach heart and feather pieces to rod portion using a needle and the length of thread you haven't cut off yet.  

I used grey thread and stitched down the center of the rod portion after I attached the pin back.

Here's a PDF of the pattern for download.

As always, please do not sell this pattern.  
Thank ya kindly!
©Maize Hutton