My Hat Pattern in Crochet Gifts Magazine

Back in March, this gurl was asked by Crochet Gifts Magazine in the UK to create a raffia hat pattern.

It was a tight deadline but I managed to do it!

Thanks to Emily for modeling my hat.
You can find the magazine at Barnes & Noble.

If you'd like to give it a go, I'll have the pattern up for purchase in my shop and Ravelry soon!

What I'm Workin' On

This gurl found a cute wicker bag at the thrift.  
The front was covered in ugly seashells (a craft fail?) and I immediately thought it needed to be rescued and adorned with some croshayed raffia flowers.  
It's almost done.  

This stitch is so fun!
I used sock weight yarn purchased from JoAnns to make a scarf.  
I believe it's Debra Norville yarn.  

Hope yer havin' a wonderful day!