My Crocheted Wedding Bouquet Featured in November 2014 issue of Homespun Magazine

This gurl is over the moon to see her daughter's croshayed wedding bouquet in a magazine!

Australia's Homespun magazine has featured my projects two months in a row.
How can that be?!

I'll be croshayin' Christmas gifts this weekend.

A few on my list:

These socks.
This pillow.
This cowl.

Have a fun one!

Woolly Granny Ornaments

Now that Halloween is finally over, let's move on to Christmas!

For the past two years, this gurl has decorated her tree with granny squares!

It was time I came up with some new ornaments.

You can use any size yarn but pick a hook to match.

I used a 3mm hook and Sheepjeswol in stonewash. 

These work up quickly!

Let's get started...

CH 4.  SL ST to first chain to form a loop.

Row 1: CH 3, 11 DC into loop, SL ST into top of beginning CH 3, insert hook into next DC, attach new color yarn to hook and pull through as a SL ST. (12 stitches)

Row 2:  CH3, 2DC in same ST.  CH1, SK 1 ST, *3DC in next ST, CH 1, SK 1 ST* repeat from *to* to end.  SL ST to top of beginning CH3.  Insert hook into next DC (center of cluster), attach new color of yarn to hook and pull through as a SL ST.  (6 clusters)

Row 3:  CH3, 2DC in same ST. CH1, *3DC in CH1 space from previous row, CH1.  SK 1 DC, in next DC (center of cluster) 3 DC, CH1*.  Repeat from *to* to end of row, SL ST to top of CH3. (12 clusters)

Row 4.  SL ST into all stitches around.

Row 5:  Turn.  The back side is now facing you.  CH 1 and SC around to end.  SL ST to CH1.  SL ST to center DC.
Make the loop:  CH 13 or however long you want your loop.  Then SL ST back into the beginning ST to secure.  

Fasten off and weave in ends.

Hang on the tree, make a garland for your window or use as decoration on your presents.