Crochet a Teacup Pocket-Free Pattern!

This gurl thrifted a cardy vest thingy and decided it was in desperate need of some pockets and teacups seemed like a cute addition.

I remembered seeing the knitted version yet I couldn't find a pattern for a crocheted version, so here ya go!
You can also use this an an applique if you wish and lil' embroidered details would be perfecto.

Download the printable PDF here.


Yarn and a hook that matches the size of the yarn.
Needle & thread to stitch it to your garment.

Keep in mind that using a smaller hook will make the pocket tighter so things won’t fall out.


CH 20.
R1:  In second chain from hook, SC to end.  CH1.  Turn.
R2:  SC in same ST as the CH1, then SC to end.  CH1.  Turn.
R3-5:  Repeat R2. (19)
R6:  SK lst ST, SC in each ST to end.  CH1.  Turn. (18)
R7:  Repeat R6. (17)
R8:  Repeat R6. (16)
R9:  Repeat R6.  (15)
R10:  SC in same ST as the CH1, then SC to end.  CH1.  Turn. (15)
R11:  Repeat R6.  (14)
R12:  Repeat R6. (13)
R13:  Repeat R6.  (12)
R14:  Repeat R6.  (11)
R15:  Repeat R6. (10)
R17:  Repeat R6. (9)

I like to have a nice flat edge to pieces like this so I slip stitch all the way around before fastening off. 

So, if you like, now slip stitch all the way around the piece, fasten off.  Weave in the ends.


Attach yarn at the top edge of the teacup (depending on which side you want the handle to face—remember if you’re making two, you’ll need the handle on the opposite side of each piece)

CH 10.  Attach the chain to the bottom of the 3rd row with a slip stitch.

In the back loops only, slip stitch back up the chain.  Slip stitch into the top edge of the cup to secure.

Fasten off and weave in ends.

Now stitch it to your favorite garment.

You can make different sizes for the littles or one big pocket for an apron.

As always, please do not sell this pattern or claim it as your own.

Thank you kindly.

Oh, and ya don't get outta here without seeing a picture of my lil' Bubby on Easter.

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There goes Maize again, always up to something so creative! Love, Esther