Day 136 Newsletter

Miss Violet Blossom Hutton you're 136 days old today and becoming quite the little tomboy. You love being off your lead in the backyard and can find all sorts of trouble to get into. You explore under the woodpile, inside the garden shed, peek into the water fountain and dig around in the garden. Then, when you've had enough playing outside, you sit up on your hind legs and press your dirty little paws on the back door and beg to come in. When it's sunny, I let you stay outside with Max until dinner. Then you come in, eat, and promptly pass out 'cause you're so tired.

Your favorite toy is Noodle. She's a little poodle I bought at Old Navy.

You've managed to rip off an ear and are slowly disemboweling her. The other day, you took her outside with you and dug a hole to put her in. I guess you must be ready to bury her for good.

After you've had a hard day playing outside, I make you take a shower with me instead of a bath. I never thought I'd shower with a dog, but it's the easiest way to keep you clean and besides, I end up drenched either way. You've become accustomed to it and don't even bother objecting any more.

Dad likes it when you're tired because you're very mellow and won't bite him. Max likes it too 'cause you aren't barking in his ear every time he takes your chewy away from you.

You've mastered jumping through a hoop and the next trick to teach you is to put away your toys. You love the homemade treats I give you whenever you complete a trick. They're roasted garbonzo beans with garlic--almost like Corn Nuts. We both like to eat them.

You certainly can be a little monster but you make me so proud when I show everyone the tricks you can do!

Hey girl! I just noticed the hair on your nose is in the shape of a V! How cute! You get your first haircut on Monday. I can't wait to see you wear the new doggy barrettes I bought for you!


Anonymous said...

Hello You!!!

You're back!!! HAHAHA- I had a big laugh. I have also showered with my little dog, once. Never thought that would ever happen, but you obviously know how those things come to be! Love it!

Those photos of Miss Violet are wonderful! She is such a gorgeous girl and looks oh so happy!


C.L. Davis said...

I just love that little doggie! I so look forward to your Violet updates!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

How is it possible that she actually gets CUTER?

It's so obvious how much you love her!!

Hallie :)