The Crocheted Flower Wedding Bouquet

This gurl finally finished the wedding bouquet.  The bride loves it.
Lots and lots of hand crocheted flowers.  One down, four more to go!

For those of you who've inquired how I did this, I cut a styrofoam ball in half and then covered it in lace using a hot glue gun.  I also covered a styrofoam cone in lace.

Patterns for a couple of the flowers are here and here.

The small five petal flower (my fave) pattern is:
Make a magic ring.
Into the ring:  1SC, CH2, 2DC, CH2, 1SC, *CH2, 2DC, CH2, 1SC*, repeat from *to* 3 more times.  SLP ST into ring and fasten off.  Pull the ring tight. I just knot the ends on the back and cut.

The leaf pattern is:

CH 8.  In second CH from hook, SC.  In next CH 1 HDC.  1 DC in next 3 CH.  In next CH, 2 HDC.  In last CH 1 SC.  Turn to crochet on the other side of the leaf.  1 SC in the last CH you just SC in.  In next CH 1 HDC, 1 DC in next 3 CH, then one HDC in next CH and 1 SC in last CH.  Fasten off.
I used white ball pins to attach each flower onto the styrofoam ball.
Then I cut different types of lace and hot glued that onto the cone.
I used different weights of yarn, even embroidery thread, and hooks for the flowers to get different sizes.
This is a great heirloom to hand down and also use as a decoration!