The Crocheted Scrunchie Tutorial!

You'll need some yarn, a C crochet hook and an elastic hair band. You can buy a bunch of 20 hair bands at the $store. You can also use embroidery thread, t-shirt yarn, whatever suits your fancy.

Start with a slip knot on your hook

Make sure the tail of the yarn is on the inside of the hair band and the working yarn is on the outside.

Start a single crochet by slipping your hook under the band and pulling the yarn up to the top then through the loop securing it to the hair band.

Like so.

Continue crocheting around the hair band. You may need to slide the stitches down to cover the band.

When you get to the end, join the last stitch to the first.

Like so.

Now you get to be creative with your stitch pattern. I chained three.

Then skipped one and single crocheted in the next stitch.

I continued that pattern until I reached the end the secured the last stitch with a slip stitch in the first chain.

Wa lah!

Here are a few I've finished. Their quick and addicting! I played around with the stitch patterns since I'm just really learning how to crochet!

Here's another way I was playing with the look. I started the same way but single chained the bottom stitch...
Then single chained the top stitch.

This is the way it will look. You can experiment to your heart's content!
Disclaimer: I am a beginner crocheter so if I've worded something wrong...sorry!


Esther Sunday said...

Thanks for posting the tut, Maize!!! My co-worker went nuts over it and is gonna go home tonight and start cranking some out for her girls.... xx

Scarlet Kitsune said...

This is really cute!

I've been looking for small crochet projects for all the bits of yarn I have left over. Thanks for sharing this! =]

hana.k said...

This is really cute! Could you share how exactly you secured the last stitch?

Maize Hutton said...

Just a slip stitch in the first chain. Easy! :)

Tien said...

I like this since it really pretties up regular ponytail elastics, and yours turned out so lovely. Your project inspired me to write up a tutorial for double ponytail holders I made a while back. Well, I will once I'm done with my current project! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

Laurinda said...

Cute tutorial! I've been making these for years, but couldn't articulate HOW to make them. Your directions are clear & concise, with pretty, detailed pics. Now if someone asks me again, I can just direct them to your site! Wonderful! Thank you for sharing with us, Laurpud (on Ravelry) said...

Wow, this is really pretty and so much fun! I just clicked over from Prudent Baby. I would love to link to this if you didn't mind.

Unknown said...

This is the best DIY I've seen in a long time, so wanna try!

Samantha said...

These are really cute! Can you share with me what kind of yarn you used? I've tried several different yarns from my stash and haven't been able to get them to look as lovely as yours. Thanks for a great tut!

Cuscini said...

It was so nice of you to share this. I work for a little church on the tip of Cape Cod, and the ladies who get together for the Crafting guild are always looking for fast, fun projects (they knit prayer shawls, too, but some of the older women aren't up to big projects). I just know they're going to love this -- thanks so much.
Jude from

Bigbluebed said...

Thank you so much for this.

I work with children and am looking for ideas to introduce them to corchet. these are perfect.

Annemarie's Haakblog said...

Oh this is so cute! Not too difficult but so lovely. If you like you can add something to my link party. I have a link party every Saturday. I really hope to see you there!