How to make a Cardboard Spool!

Why?  Because I think this is the cutest way to present a handmade scarf or bunting that you've worked so hard on.

You'll need:

Cardboard Tube (depending on the size of your scarf or bunting, you can use a toilet paper roll, paper towel roll or poster tube)

Thick cardboard recycled from a box

Bowl for circle template

Exacto knife or rotary cutter 


Cut the tube to the size you need for your scarf or bunting.  Find a bowl that is the right size for the ends of your spool.  Trace around the bowl on the thick cardboard to make a circle.  With your tube, position it in the middle of the circle and trace around it.  This will be your template for the other three circles you'll need.  Cut out the circle and the center circle.  Trace three more to match and cut out each. 

Glue two circles together and repeat for the other side.  Once they're dry, stamp something around the ends if you wish.  Once your rings are dry, insert the cardboard tube.  It may be a bit tight so you may need to cut a bit more off in the middle of the ring.  Glue to secure.  


Once it's all dry, wrap your scarf or bunting around the tube.  Tie with a ribbon, add a tag and you're ready to give your cute package!



Etoile700 said...

thank you so much for this idea. I just knit 2prs. of socks, I think I will make the tubes for them. that will look so different and cute.


Esther Sunday said...

Now that is just dang cute.

Foundinthe-ALI said...

when I saw this post title/picture.. I thought "why?" Then, I read your post. This is for sure the cutest way ever to give a scarf :)

Love it!

New follower*

Moe said...

I love all your DIY tutorials & inspiration! I've featured three of your awesome projects (the spool display, yarn covered bangles, & camera strap) on my style/decor blog Five Sixteenths. I hope you'll pop by!

I am also a new follower!

Amy said...

I am just in love with this idea

Miss Theresa said...

Super cute Idea, love it! Thanks for sharing. I am working on a scarf right now and can't wait to make the spool. Thanks....

jet said...

you have a great blog
like it , the tute too, thank you for sharing this idea of yours;-D

Barbara Jean said...

Great idea!
Thanks for instructions!

barbara jean