Painted Party Placecards

 Everyone is doin' it!  Plates, mugs, teapots and anything else you can find to paint on with porcelain paint markers.  I found these tiny little dishes at World Market. 8 dishes for $5.  Michaels has the best paint pens in different colors.  I discovered that if your picture isn't turning out like you wish, just use some fingernail polish to remove the paint and start over!  I thought these would be cute to use as party placecards. 

The latest DIY magazine profiled these painted plates.  How cute to paint faces for each person.  Kids would love this!  World Market also has the flat plates for $5 each, but I think it'd be more fun to collect a bunch of different ones at the thrift store.  Cheaper too!

Isn't this cute?  Love it!


B E C K Y said...

I heart these so much!


Unknown said...

Those are so cute!

Do we have to apply some kind of coating after we're done and can we eat from these plates? :D