How to Make a Wooden Spool Twine Holder

This gurl has seen all sorts of these lovely wooden spool holders for twine on the internet and thought she'd make her own.  
They're quick, pennies to make and are great to give to your crafty friends!

You'll need a wooden candle base and wooden basket handle, wood glue and one of these scissors (if you'd like one they cost $1.50) or find a pair of scissors that will fit in the handle's hole.   The candle base costs .70 cents.  The handle costs .50 cents.

Now, this is the really hard part.  Put some glue on the bottom of the handle.

 Attach the handle to the base and wait for it to dry.
I spray painted mine my favorite mustard color and also cut a piece of adhesive magnet and attached it to the bottom.  I have a metal desk and it works great.  You can also cut a piece of non-skid plastic drawer liner and glue it to the bottom so it will stay in place on your desk.  

Cute huh?!

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Audrey from Dallas said...

Love this! Can you tell me where you got your supplies (including the scissors)? I am teaching girls to crochet and this would be a nice gift to make for them. Thanks!

Audrey from Dallas said...

OOPS! I just realized you have links to all of the supplies. You are too effecient. But, sorry I didn't see the links. This is GREAT! Thank you so much for sharing and posting this.