Thrifted Crocheted Sham Messenger Bag DIY

This gurl loves findin' stuff at the thrift and transformin' it into sumthin' else.  

This is a store bought croshay pillow sham that you can still find new at the Walmarts and especially in the thrifts.

Add a thrifted leather belt for the strap and you've got yerself a messenger bag!

I hand stitched a doily on the front for a cellphone pocket and blinged it out a bit with a vintage sparkly button and letter beads with my name.

This is the first time I've ever tried using leather rivets on anything and it was so easy that I'm searchin' the lil' cottage for more stuff to rivet!  I cut the belt so the buckle can easily adjust longer or shorter.  

I also added a vintage polka dot children's apron on the inside and stitched it to the front of the main part of the bag.  
It was just the right size and has a lil' pocket too for my pens and notebook.  

I also stitched down the inside flap on the top so it wasn't always hangin' open when I stuffed stuff into my bag.  

I love how it turned out and can't wait to match it up with my new greeny crocheted bobble hat!

They're so easy and with a wee bit of imagination, you can personalize one the way you like.

Have fun!