I'm always a-maize-ed at the pictures I get with my digital camera. I certainly am not a professional photographer but my camera sure makes me think I am! This is a beautiful picture of lupine high in the hills of Montana. Just wish it smelled as lovely as it looks.

Music I'm listening to in the studio: The new Cold Play! I love the entire cd. I have it loaded on my ipod shuffle. If you don't have a shuffle yet, go to Target and buy one! These are the coolest things ever and the sound is awesome. I use mine all the time, working out at the gym, cleaning around the house, or working in the studio.

My husband is climbing Mt. Rainier this Friday & Saturday with the American Lung Asso. He has asthma so it will be hard but exciting for him if he makes it to the summit. Of course, I made him take out some extra life insurance--just in case! I'm really proud of him making this commitment and will be super happy when he makes it down the mountain without injury!

"Oh Baby" on the Oxygen Channel airs this Saturday morning at 9:30 am EST. Mommy Tags worked in conjunction with Oxygen to promote their new show. Hopefully, we'll get the "special thanks" they promised us. I'll be taping it.

It was a wet walk this morning. When will summer arrive in Seattle? Looks like it will be some time this fall.

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