Revival of the Pineapple Bowl

This gurl has OFFICIALLY DECLARED, by declaration on this here blog post, hereby and forthwith--

(what's left of it anywayz)

There are some who declare Foxes, Anchors, Hedgehogs and such as 'THEIR' year--so why not a Pineapple?

Dee inspired me to skip on down to the thrifts in search of those wooden bowls gatherin' dust on the shelves of misfits.  
You know the ones.  
Ya see 'em all the time.
Fer cheap.

  It never occurred to me that simply givin' 'em a coat of paint could TOTALLY change their life!  


First, I painted the inside of each bowl with gold leaf.

Not a Pineapple, but Leafy lookin' bowls are cool too!

Then I used different colors of acrylic and painted just the top portion of each bowl with several coats.  

After each one was dry, I sprayed 'em with a coat of clear paint. 

After the clear coat dried, I rubbed the base side with olive oil to restore the natural look of the wood.

Aren't they gorgeous--in that 'mid-century modern' way?

More pineapples, here,  here, (of course I'm gonna croshay a Pineapple!), a croshayed bag, how 'bout a tea cozy,  or a scarf and ooooooo this one!

Boxy Bunny

This gurl's been croshaying lil' boxy bunnies!
The cute shoes are thrifted.  Couldn't resist.

Find the free pattern here!

Win a Pompourri Rug Kit!

Remember this gurl's Pompourri Rug project?

A new website Quicknack was inspired to create a kit and is now selling them so you can make your very own!  
You can purchase one of their kits here.

They're also giving away a free kit to my lovely readers by leaving a comment here on this lil' 'ol blog and either tweetin' the project on Twitter (@quicknack) or following their Facebook page. 

Deadline for entries is 3/19/14!

Good luck!

Crafty Shenanigans

This gurl has been on a craftin' binge!  I pulled out a wooden loom I purchased years ago and started rippin' up vintage sheets into strips and weavin' them into squares.  I tried a bit of chunky yarn too.  
So much fun!

And with Easter comin', I found some plastic ping pong type eggs at Wally World.  $2 for a dozen.  Played around with modge podgin' fabric on 'em and drawin' faces.

It didn't stop there. 
A stamped wood egg.

Be a good one!


My daughter sent this Vine video to me last night.

I could watch it over and over and over.....

A Public Service Announcement - FREE SIMPLY CROCHET ISSUE download

I just found out about this today and wanted to pass it along.
You can download this issue of Simply Crochet for free this weekend (hurry today's Sunday) only.

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