The vistas of Montana...

I'm missing Montana today and the wonderful hike we took up to the Ranger Station. These are all the mountain ranges you could see just on one side. I love to be outside and this just makes me miss it terribly.

I'm a huge fan of the show Rescue Me on FX. I love Dennis Leary's sarcastic humor. It's for adults only so don't let the little ones watch.

I've been playing with different colored snaps and found this website with great snaps and a wonderful device which sets them perfectly. If you're wanting to work with snaps, check it out here.

There are so many mediums of art out there. This guy has figured out how to make art out of chewing gum. I have to admit, if this is really different colored gum, he's extremely talented. Apparently, he has hired "chewers!" HA! It's called Gum Blondes.

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