As you can see, I've been doing a lot of experimenting and have discovered some things I didn't know. I save the silver shavings from the recycled silver I use to recycle again, so I guess you can say these are recycled recycled silver!

I've discovered that by reconsituting the shavings creates a less dense material and when it dries, indentations occur which look like I've actually carved into the piece when I haven't. Isn't that cool?!

I also discovered that I can't fire a piece with wire sticking out. I wanted to make little cherries with the round balls and had balled wire sticking out the top which I was going to curl after firing. However, when I attempted curling the wire with the pliers, it broke. You can fire wire into the piece, such as a bail like the hearts, but the little bug man I made at the top right had an antennae break off when I tried to bend it a bit more.

I also experimented with Liver of Sulpher which is the stinkiest stuff ever! If it's too hot, it turns the piece black. If it's lukewarm it gives the piece a golden glow and if you dip it a couple of times you can get a purple/blue color to the piece. Very interesting and different.

For the pieces that are broken, I'm refiring them into another creation. So, essentially nothing goes to waste. Gotta love it!

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tricia said...

So I've been lurking for a while, but had to tell you how much I love those hearts!