Fun Stuff!

Since my front yard is being completely dug up to install a new septic system, which costs thousands of dollars (cough, cough--I could buy a brand new car), I'm distracting myself with work and visiting fun sites while being extremely upset that it costs to much for a crap hole!

How appropriate to find this site with custom toilet paper! Humm, I guess I'll have to order some to indoctrinate the new system. Sorry for the potty humor. I just can't get over how much it costs to install something you'll never see or really appreciate--I guess until you have to use it!! This is my diary so if you tune in to hear about my daily life--this is it--BEWARE!

Anyway, we're also installing a secure mailbox system for everyone on our road and I found this site with interesting mailboxes. I'm always a-maize-d at people's idea of art.

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