Marble Magnets

I received my Life is Good order in the mail yesterday and inside was a colorful catalog of their products. I couldn't resist recycling the cute graphics into marble magnets. I'm going to put them together as sets in aluminum tins like the Altoid ones and give them as stocking stuffers this Christmas. So, recycle those catalogs you receive in the mail. You can make some great art from them.

I can't help but feel despair for all of the people stuck in New Orleans. The task of rebuilding your life after such a tragic event must be overwhelming. All of these people will have to move away to start a new life some where else. Just unreal. My husband and I have donated money to The Red Cross and I've also teamed up and donated a Rockstar pendant to Crafters United. I'll post details and a link in tomorrow's blog on how you can help by purchasing products in which ALL of the proceeds will go directly to The Red Cross.

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