Sacks in the City!

Yeah, I'm trying to be clever.
Sacks full of fresh veggies, flowers and shopping that is!

I'm forgoing Tuesday Trunk Giveaway today (back next week) to share pictures of my trip to Seattle yesterday. It's an hour long ferry boat ride away from my little town--a mini journey. It was such a beautiful day yesterday that it was worth it. Did you know that you can click on the pictures to have them zoom bigger and get a better look?
This is the ferry loading. Aren't the mountains in the background beautiful?! I definately live in one of the most beautiful areas of the United States.
This is the famous Pike Place Market. The entrance is cobblestone and the colors are overwhelming as you step inside to purchase flowers, veggies, fish, bakery goods, jams, jewelry, clothing, you name it.
Bouquets of fresh flowers are a bargain at $5 a bunch.
Sunflowers and dahlias are the flowers in season right now.

Then there's the fresh veggie stands that are abundant in the market.
This is a hot pepper salesman/artist. These are actually edible or you can use them as decoration in your kitchen. I love the colors!
A bunch of peppers like this costs $10. What a deal!
This is the Hammerman in front of the Seattle Art Museum which is just a few blocks down from the Market. I was across the street so I didn't get a good shot of him as the wires are in the way.

Hope you enjoyed my little tour of downtown Seattle!


tricia said...

Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures. Seattle is on my list of places to see one day.

mandy said...

Seattle looks really lovely, one day I hope to pay it a visit!! Just wanted to say thanks for the lovely necklace!! It's really gorgeous!! Thanks again!!