Me and my shadow...

The seagulls in our area are very bold and will eat a fry right out of your hand if you let them. If you ever ride the ferry, you can throw popcorn off the side and the seagulls will catch it in midair. It's quite a site. They'll follow a ferry like that all the way to Seattle. The tourists love it and I love watching the tourists get a kick out of it!

I worked on my Christmas cards yesterday while I watched my husband and son use a pic ax to break the rocks that border our yard. We're preparing our front lawn to be reseeded now that the septic project has been completed. We're in a race against the weather as the colder it gets the less likely the seed will take root and grow. If we don't get it done in time and we get a lot of rain we'll have a huge mud wrestling ring called our front yard!

Don't forget! Tomorrow is Tuesday Trunk Giveaway and I have another set of Halloween magnets to giveaway.

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