The Finale

(Also known as the big whopperdoodle, or, the most important part of this whole darn thing.)

So this is love, as demanding and nourishing and difficut as it can be and as strong and wise as it makes you become.

There is something to be gained from commitment. There are rewards for staying when you would rather leave. And there is something to be said for running up that hill when you would rather slide down it. And so you let love come perch upon your shoulder. And you do not turn it away. You do the Tango.

Just do it.

*Taken from an old NIKE ad.

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Jen and Jules said...

Great ending. I love how "Falling in Love" can describe a person, a project, a dream. Sooner or later, the "LA-LA's" wear off and reality sets in. Oh, you mean I have to WORK at this now? The jewelry isn't going to make and design itself?:)