Knit Wit Results

Remember the vintage Knit Wit I purchased at the thrift shop last week? Well, I've been playing with it and here are the results. The top picture is a completed flower. I decided to put a felt ball in the center and make them into pins. I'm going to make some more and then felt them in the washing machine -- just to see what happens.

I've got a lot of additions going up in the boutique this week. There's new wool felted bags and pouches and a new little bird charm. Just in time for Christmas giving!

If you haven't purchased a copy of Knit.1 yet, you must! The issue is about guy's knitting and they even have a centerfold! They'd sell tons of these magazines if they had a centerfold every month!

Oh, and the winner from yesterday's drawing is.....Christina in California!


Anonymous said...

OOH...what yarn did you use for those flowers? Looks like Rowan? Also, thanks for picking me! I can't wait to get your super goodies!!!!Chris

donna said...

OH MY GOSH!!! I love them! So cute. I am so glad you do what you do... what an inspiration you are.

Love ya,
ur sista ;)