More Knit Wit yarn flowers

Since I didn't have to cook yesterday, I decided to pull out some yarn and my new little Knit Wit tool and make some more flowers. The felted balls in the middle are made from leftover yarn. All of these have a tie tack pin on the back. They look great on a jacket. I made a big pile of them and I plan on knitting some into a flower scarf. I haven't determined how it's actually going to look yet. I thought about knitting up an i-cord and stitching them onto it so it'd look sort of like an Hawaiian lei. We'll see what the experiment produces and I'll post the final creation.

It's raining today and I'm staying in and working--away from the bustling mass of humanity out there fighting for supposed "good deals" at the mall. No thanks. I'll make my own gifts or buy from independent designers. Click here and SHOP INDIE!

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handknit168 said...

It is nice to knit flowers and stick on the hat, scarf and anywhere u like for decoration.

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