Some people can't stand thrift stores but I'm not one of them. I'm always looking for something which stands out, is unique and can inspire me. I also love the search for an item that reminds me of my youth and of course I like the fact I'm not paying a lot for it.

I found this child's plate and fell in love with the graphics on it. I carried it around the store with me debating whether I "needed" it or not. Of course, I didn't but it charmed me so I bought it anyway. It now sorts out little trinkets in my studio.

The vintage fabric will become a stuffed animal. Probably a horse.

The main reason I was thrifting was to find some sweaters I could rip apart and reuse the yarn for another idea I have. I also scored two angora sweaters -- one in a light pink and one in a cream color -- which immediately became a stuffed bunny. I'll have pics tomorrow.

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SimplySara said...

Wow, the plate you found, we had one like that for my baby sister. Of course, the baby will be 18 in May, so she is grown up now, but thank you for the quick blast from the past and the flood of memories surrounding that plate!