Shabby Chic Paper Mache'

As you know, Target sells the entire line of Shabby Chic stuff--even dog beds! Now, Rachel has a paper line consisting of invitations, cards and tissue paper.

Molly Chicken recently posted a paper mache' tutorial (one you should remember from childhood) and I decided the Shabby Chic tissue paper would look adorable as a paper mache' bowl. I finished it off with a coat of clear spray. This matches my sheets!

I've been working on my birthday treats for peeps! I'm making one for every year I've been alive and let's just say it will be a SUBSTANTIAL amount. I'll be giving them all away on the Tuesday in my birthday week -- which is fast approaching. I'm also putting together a cd mix of live songs from my favorite group U2. I even designed the cd cover and everyone will also get a copy of it in their loot bag. I promise--it's wicked cool!

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Jenn said...

I saw that tutorial...I have got to try one now! I never knew target had so much great stuff...I hardly ever go. now they built one that is very close to my house so I have no more excuses! The bowl is wonderful. I love it!