The treat bags

My website's server was down yesterday, so I wasn't receiving my email. I still haven't figured out if it's completely fixed yet, so I apologize for any inconvienence.

These are the treat bags I created for my birthday party favor giveaway. One of my recycled silver cupcake charms will hang on a pink cell phone lanyard which will be wrapped inside one of these bags. Hopefully, there will be plenty for everyone as I'm giving one away for every year I've been alive and I'm getting pretty old!

Because of this approaching birthday, I've been reminiscing a lot lately. I suppose it's because the world has changed so much and so quickly. You'll have to indulge me while I tell my stories.

When I was in the fourth grade, my best friend was Stephanie Ross. She had a very "hip" mom who was a clothing buyer at the local department store, so Stephanie always had the cutest clothes and shoes. I envied her because my mom had no fashion sense whatsoever and I knew it.

Since Stephanie was an only child, she had anything and everything she wanted but I didn't consider her a spoiled brat. There was always a huge bowl of vitamins on the kitchen table and her mom bought us goldfish crackers which were a new fad back then. Stephanie's mom was also a subscriber to Ms. Magazine and she'd let us read it from cover to cover.

One day, I wrote down the information to subscribe to the magazine and gave it to my mother. I told her it was what I wanted for my birthday that year. My mom never said anything, just rolled her eyes and wrote out a check.

Then the big day arrived. I ran to the mailbox to find my new magazine and a t-shirt emblazoned with MS. on the front like a Superman emblem--only it was SUPERWOMAN. I was so proud! I believed in what Gloria was preaching and was determined to assert myself as a woman.

As I see how things have progressed in the movement since then, I'm--at times--saddened to see the radical aspects of it. I suppose it happens with anything. I do believe that women can do anything they set their minds on, but there are just some things I prefer to be left to men--even though that second brain of theirs can cause them to act very stupid.



Jenn said...

what a great story! I had a friend like that as well. I remember her mom used to wear shoes and earrings to match every outfit. and she got her ears pierced when she was only seven. we all had to wait until we were teenagers!
I tried to email you yesterday to let you know how excited I am to be a winner! I have never won anything in my life ever!! I am glad that my luck decided to start with this one!!

blair said...

That is a really great story Maize. I have become more reflective too, now that I've hit 40, but it already feels like I've entered the best decade of my life yet. So much has already been figured out, you know?

I'm honored to be on your list, by the way.