Basketry 101 Tutorial

I finally finished the tutorial for making coil baskets. Whew! I'm still not sure I've been able to convey the way these are made. I'm hoping everyone at least tries it and doesn't get too frustrated because the technique is easy, just hard to explain.

You can make coil baskets out of almost anything. Some use clothesline or rope as the base and then wrap torn material pieces around it. Some baskets are wrapped with long grass, ribbon, or embroidery thread. I used the paper twist as the base and wrap it with yarn. You can also embellish them with buttons, tassels, feathers, whatever you can find. Use your imagination. It would be fun to start a Flickr group of everyone's creation. If you have questions, please email me and I'll try my best to answer them.

I know a couple of you are interested in learning how to make the peyote stitch rings. These are easy to do and I'm probably going to make a tutorial for them if there's interest. In the meantime, if you want to learn the stitch, I suggest picking up a copy of Bead & Button. In the back, there's printed instructions on most of the beading stitches. Once you learn the stitch, making a ring is super simple.

Oh yeah, yesterday's winner of Crafty Karma Tuesday is:

Laura in Texas!

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bazeblog said...

the baskets are beautiful & your tutorial looks great! can't wait to try it!

michelle said...

so great maize! i am so excited to try out yet another entirely new craft! the peyote stitch would be awesome too, i cannot wait!

Kimberly said...

The directions seem pretty clear! Good job!

Pine needle baskets are popular here in Florida. It's hard to find people who remember how to make them. I make traditional melon baskets and Appalacian style wool gathering baskets. Took an awesome class in Harrodsburg, KY. Daniel Boone's old stomping grounds.

blair said...

I was just about to put a big bag of yarn in the garage sale pile, but now I think I should pull out some pretty colors and give this a try. Thanks for the tutorial, it looks great!

beccamonster said...

Thanks for the tutorial... I can't wait to try it.

The link in the tutorial has a typo in it though - there is a letter missing in the word "projects". Hope that is helpful and not me just being a pain.