I know what I was feelin....


I painted the kitchen a beautiful turquoise blue and thought I'd paint the UGLY cabinets red with white doors and cute red knobs, then line the inside of them with red and white gingham oil cloth. It'd be cute, a little country kitchen look. YEAH SURE!

I've painted with red before, but it was a looooonnnggg time ago (Backporch Boutique days) and obviously I forgot what a pain it was to paint with red enamel. My daughter's reaction was "Your kitchen reminds me of Mexico!" Four coats later and they still looked like crap, so I'm back to espresso brown. And that ugly floor gets replaced today. Yippee!

This wasn't the first paint mistake in the temporary house. The pink room turned out REALLY PINK! So, I had Buck install some wainscoting which I painted white. Still too pink. The pink walls gets a glaze of white today.

By the way, my son got his wrist cast on. He decided on blue and to sign it with a silver sharpie--his school colors. We were excited to discover he didn't need surgery. Funny story: While I was waiting for him to get his x-ray, the tech turns around to me and says "Are you his girlfriend?" HA! I told Levi and it just grossed him out. When I asked him if I could be the first to sign his cast, he refused, but then gave in a few minutes later. I signed it at the very top with a heart and MOM and told him that I deserved that special place because it's closest to his heart. He just turned red and hid his cast behind his back. :-)


Karla said...

Maize -

I checked your blog just knowing that you would have a post about Bono being on Oprah today...but alas...nothing! (hmmmmmmm.....)

(He was awesome, by the way!)


Tania Ho said...

LOL, you remind me of me .. we're moving to a new place now and the past few weeks we've painting some of the walls. Needless to say we had to paint the kitchen twice (first attempt was orange, what was I thinking too ?)

Becky said...

I've just discovered your blog after following a link from Posie Gets Cozy.

I'm really enjoying it so far!

LLA said...

I'm glad to know thaat I'm not the only one who makes paint-color mishaps. You, however, are far more industrious than I at correcting them... I tend to think things like "Well, yes, this color did turn out to be a little more BabySnotGreen than I thought. OK, a lot more. Still, is it really that bad? It is? You sure you don't just want to live with it for a little bit and see if it grows on us? No? Really? < sigh > "

I'd love to see the turquoise/expresso kitchen! And yippee on the new floor....