Kissing Puckett

This is my brother's dog Puckett. Max just can't get enough of him! He was kissing him all night last night.

I have a house full. 9 people and two dogs. It's going to be an interesting holiday.

Here's how it started with my three year old neice:

Payton (we call her Paydee) starts singing: "Rain, rain go away, give me something good to eat."

Auntie (that's me--not some insect named Antie): "Paydee, it's rain, rain go away come back another day."

Paydee: "Auntie, it's my song, I'll sing it the way I want."

Auntie: "Ok honey. You know best." Sheesh!

Anyway, the winner of yesterday's Mystery Crafty Karma Tuesday is Barb in California! Enjoy!

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. I'm sure I'll have some good stories.


babs said...

How exciting!! Thank you so much Maize! I just love surprises! :)

Jen said...

Oh, what cute doggies!

Dang it all - bloglines has refused to show new posts for you since Monday. I happened to look today because I was wondering what happened to Maize? And I find out I missed out on Crafty Karma altogether...

Jen said...

Correction - just went down the posts, the last one I saw was last Thursday! Bloglines has ignored you since then!

babs said...

Thank you again Maize! I received the lovely surprise yesterday, and love it! For those of you curious as what the mystery turned out to be, check out a photo of it here: