I HEART Paperwhites!

I was late getting my paperwhites forced this year, but they never disappoint me. I love the white blossoms and smelling their sweet scent. And with our grey days during the winter, they certainly bring me joy. I'm always a-maize-d at how fast they grow!

My hyacinths are also being forced but those won't be ready until spring. Did you know they have orange hyacinths now? Very cool. Gotta get me some.

Well, we're gearing up for the storm that's supposed to bring us high winds. I'm still hoping to have all orders out by tomorrow. Then I'm gonna take a well deserved REST! A rest for me means that I'll be crafting my heart out!

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OliviaDiane said...

Paperwhites are truly my favorites. I haven't had much luck forcing them.