Look out Tokyo! Here I come!!!

Well...in six months I'll be there! Buck and I will be climbing this mountain, Mt. Fuji in late June. Isn't it beautiful? We plan on being at the top in time to watch the sun rise.

We finally accumulated enough air miles and I can't wait to go! It's just not the climb but the crafty shopping I plan on doing while I'm there. I've already started to compile a list of places to go, so if any of you've been there and have some recommendations for me, please pass them along. We're also thinking of taking a few days in Hong Kong, which I hear has fabulous shopping.

Buck traveled to Japan and Hong Kong on Semester at Sea, but that was about 25 years ago now! He's not as excited as I am about going, but I'm sure things have changed a lot since he was there. What an opportunity that must have been.... traveling around the world for six months at sea while you're taking college courses. Apparently, they now offer alumni the choice of traveling with the students. He talks of us going and wanting to send Levi on his own tour. I'm not much of a "cruiser" so I'll have to think about that one. As far as Levi going, he'll have to help pay for it!!!

On another note, Rare Bird Finds has featured my Conversation Heart Earrings in their Valentines Gift Guide. If you're looking for a gift for someone special, there's lots of cute stuff over there! Go take a peek!


Lisa said...

Oh my goodness! Japan AND Hong Kong! I'm green with envy! I've been to Hong Kong and yes, shopping is plentiful and when I went CHEAP!! I'm afraid I can't help you on where to go because we ate the town up when we went! Can't wait to see pictures from this trip!

Lisa said...

sorry, that was me. I don't have a blogger account!

blair said...

oh my!!! oh my!!! You're really going! How exciting. I haven't been to Hong Kong or Japan in 8 years (I was carrying Emma at the time and didn't know it), I'd jump at the chance to go back. You go girl!!! (You too Buck!)