4 more flowers

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I've become a flower making monster!

I felted some sweaters...finally... and finished four more. The bottom left flower is wool felt. I used Fiskars scallop scissors on the leaves for the felted sweater version.

I''m not sure if I'll be able to part with any of them.

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bia said...

thanks for the tip on the afghan... i had found a pattern on a portuguese blog, but this one is better... little known fact (read sarcastic remark here) I am a flower addict. Seriously. I am at this moment posting some photos of finished projects, and crappy camera aside, there is a great (no modesty, please)flowered necklace. I wish I could find felt here, I'd love to try my hand at these... ah, It'll keep. I'll stick to crochet for now. later...