Lou Lou Goodness

I am one LUCKY girl! Prairie Mouse & I recently discovered each other and started reading each other's blog. A couple of weeks ago, she was having a birthday giveaway. It was a big secret--all you saw was the box. I now get to reveal what was in it!

Look at this adorable little gal! This is the cutest doll ever! I feel so privileged to own her! The stitching is unreal. I'm embarrassed with my sewing abilities compared to Louise's!

I mean really....look at this outfit, the button closure, the dress..... Unbelievable!

Oh, and the slippers! Just divine! Love, love love!!!

Oh, but there's more! Check out the sweet little fabric banner! It fits perfectly on a shelf above our jewelry assembly station. The heart soap, bubbles and vintage wooden spool with thread was the perfect touch. She even covered the box in cheery paper. Louise is a girl after my own heart. I've named the doll Lou Lou after her and she's currently residing on my nightstand so I can look at her every morning and night. Makes me smile!

Since it was Louise's birthday, I told her that I wanted to make sure she got a gift too, so some Mommy Tags and other goodies are headed to her all the way down in New Zealand. I'm really bummed you don't live closer! Oh, the fun we'd have!

Thank you so much Louise! You brightened my day when I really needed it. There's nothin' better than getting a surprise like this in the mail!


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

She is adorable and I love love LOVE her slippers!

kristin said...

YOU were the lucky one!!! that doll is truly wonderful. and Louise must be very happy she went to such an adoring recipient :)

Lindz (Yankee Girl Designs) said...

That teeny banner is rocking my world! I just went searching through her site to see if she happend to make them for sale, I totally want one. Super cute-ness all around :)

joslyn said...

o how lucky you are. i need a lou lou for my lola. so cute!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful doll!
I wish I could sew like that!!!

heather s