Tea for Two

As Buck & I were walking down to the Pier to take the tour to Alcatraz, he suggested we stop in for a little tea tasting. I'm a coffee drinker and don't know a thing about all the different types of tea, but hey....they had homemade fortune cookies, so sure....I'm up for a tea party!

I knew that ginger teas would help with a stomachache, but I didn't know there are hundreds of varieties of teas to help with various ailments that you may suffer from.

No...my tea wasn't spiked with anything. I'm still figuring this camera out. We ended up with two different types of tea which had a sweet after taste. I like sweet and I love the little teapots and cups. Of course, I had to purchase a tiny teapot if I'm gonna drink this stuff.

Before we left, the owner sat down with us as asked us where we were from. He told us that they had a teashop in Seattle. How lucky for us! They also have a website where we can order more tea if we wish. Perfect!

And...right before we were leaving, he just HAD to say this to Buck "Do you know you look like George Clooney?" We just busted up laughing and I almost spit my tea all over the counter. It's funny, but people tell him that ALL THE TIME! I replied that I wished he had George's money! I just don't see it....other than the graying hair and dark circles under his eyes. Sorry hun. :-)

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LLA said...

Husband looks just like George Clooney?? Very nice problem to have!


Your trip sounds lovely, and I've really enjoyed reading about it - thanks for sharing!