Long Lost Painting.....Found!

I had to share with you a wonderful story about this painting. During World War II, the military commissioned four inspirational paintings of servicemen, one to represent each branch of the armed forces. This woman's father, Capt. Thomas H. Wakeman, became the face of the Army Air Forces. She had always wondered where the original painting was and set out on a mission to find it.

Completely by coincidence, my brother, who is stationed at the Pentagon, got involved in the hunt. It was a miracle, but he found it it for her.

Please read about this incredible story which was published in the Billings Montana Gazette yesterday.



LLA said...

what a great story! I'm sure I never would have heard of this on my own, and I am so glad you passed it along - I'm going to be smiling about this for the rest of the day...

Angela said...

Wow! What a tear jerker!!!! Had to swallow a major lump in my throat.