How Suite It Is!

Okay, so after 5 days we've pretty much covered Kyoto and now we've arrived in Tokyo. Before we left, Buck searched for our hotel room on the internet and booked it through He requested a king size bed and the price to be between $100-$150 per night. Cheap.

Of course, because this was Japan and space is limited, we expected something very small. When we travel we don't intend on being in our room all day so we don't like to spend a lot, but we do want it to be comfortable.

Imagine our surprise, when the bellgirl brought us to this room. Please note these pictures are taken the day before we left Japan...hence the clutter...but you'll know why here in a few seconds...

When we walked in, all we saw was the glass conference table, the leather couch, chairs and a t.v. When I didn't see a bed, I figured it was in the wall or the couch pulled out into one. I asked the bellgirl "Where's the bed?" She then escorted us back down the hall....

opened a door and said..."It's in here..."

Oh! It's a separate bedroom with a king size bed...

and another t.v., fridge, table with chairs and a view...OH...and... another bathroom!

I had to contain my excitement until she left the room, then I burst out laughing and said "Buck, how much are we paying for this?" "Oh, about $130 a night with tax," he replied. "I gotta take a picture of this!" then started looking around the room for my camera and when I couldn't find it I asked him "Hey hun, where's the camera?"


Again....."Hun, where's the camera?" Buck replied "Um.....I.... ah...we.., must have left it on the train." "WHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!" "It's ok. I read in the guidebook if you've lost something you shouldn't assume you can't get it back. I'm going to the lost and found at the train station right now. We'll get it back. In the meantime, unpack really fast in case they made a mistake and try moving us from this room!"

"My pictures. Oh, no! All of my pictures! I just bought a new lens! This can't be happening. This is so wrong" I moaned. I fought back tears. I called the front desk and explained our loss telling them exactly which train we were on, our seat numbers and I'd hope they could locate our camera. Then I went to take a bath in my bathtub to calm down.

Miraculously, 20 minutes later, the front desk called and informed me they had located my camera and it would be returned to lost and found at the station within the hour! I couldn't believe our luck!

As I was soaking in the tub, I realized I was in a country where honesty and integrity are very important. According to the guidebook, you could lose something on the street and someone would deliver it to the nearest store where they found it. I consider that fact a great testament of citizens in Japan.

If we'd been in New York or any other large city in the U.S. and this happened to us, we wouldn't have even bothered trying to get it back. I was so appreciative for these honest people and thanked God for hearing my prayer! About an hour later, Buck arrived to save the day with the camera slung over his shoulder and two beers in a bag.

This is our 34th floor view from the living room on the only clear night we had. I know I'm not the greatest photographer and I obviously don't know how to set my camera for these types of shots, but I actually like them. Hey! The top of the building over on the right looks like it's on fire! It's not though. I dunno. Sometimes being a greenhorn and not knowing what the rules are allows you to try anything and experiment. Sometimes you discover something cool in the process.

Anyway, thank you to the person who returned my camera and thank you to the Prince Hotel for allowing us to stay in such a great room! I love Japan!!!


loulou said...

oh i am so relieved! even in this little wee country i wouldn't hold hold my hopes up for getting something back. i have loved the tour so far, thank you! x

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Your room is wonderful!!!

See...good things happen to GOOD people!

charlottalove said...

$130 got you all that?! Wow. It gets you a coin operated laundry, an unattended swimming pool, and a couple of twin beds here.
Glad you found your camera. I never would have believed you. :o)