It's ALL about the Presentation

A few things first...

I'd like to thank Martha Stewart's Blueprint Magazine for featuring my Matryoshka Doll pattern on their Bluelines Blog while I was away. Welcome new readers!

I've created a Flickr set of pictures from my Japan trip, so you can look through them without going through all of my other Flickr photos. It's located on the lower right hand side of the blog. I'll be adding to it daily.

Okay, more Japan stuff....

Each major department store in Japan devotes at least one floor to food. This is not to be confused with a typical American food court. We're talkin' A LOT of food! Rows and rows and counters full of beautifully packaged food. Colorful food. Food that we couldn't figure out what it was, but it was pretty.

Everything from pickled veggies to dried krill. And it's not just one type of krill either. Oh no. Lots of different colors of krill. I have no idea how they eat the stuff, I mean I could barely look at those little beady eyes starin' back at me! And the smell...peeyew! But, if you wanted, you could sample a taste. Just swallow quickly 'cause it's just not right to be gagging somethin' up in this beautiful place!

I have no idea what these are but aren't they beautiful? To painstakingly create these little pastries must have taken a lot of time. At least I think they're pastries of some sort.

Little jelly candies cut in perfect little shapes and arranged just so.

Oh, this is a plastic pizza but I had to show you anyway. I've never seen a pizza with shells on it. Did you know that there are entire stores in Tokyo devoted to plastic food? Yep. I saw them. I really did. Plastic beer too. We wanted to buy some as a joke, but figured it'd all end up in our next garage sale.

This was a hard thing to pass up, but the $20 price tag convinced me to keep walkin.

This looks like some sort of bean burrito in my book, but I'm sure it's something sweet. It looks gross to me but the packaging is cool. See, I'm tellin' ya it's all about the presentation and it doesn't matter what it really tastes like!

Oh, there's that big tall white bald man again. Look how he towers over all the women! This time he's in line buying bread and rolls at the beautiful bakery. Look out! Big bald man in the bakery!! Run women, run! BREAD & ROLLS! Now, that's something I can identify!

Tip-o-Day: A few stores to visit in Kyoto: Isetan located at the Kyoto Station-the lower level is dedicated to food, Takashimaya in the Gion district - very expensive but worth a peek and has 2 floors of food, Kyoto Craft Center in the Gion district - very nice Japanese handmade goods at reasonable prices, and Holiday Apartment - a shabby chic crafty heaven. I'll feature the store tomorrow. A very cute place where I could live, especially on my holiday.


Anonymous said...

Wow! All beautiful... sounds like you got out of the touristy areas... not sure about Buck's head though... Love, Esther

Ali said...

Yup, you're right - the bean burrito thing is filled with am pan - a kind of sweetish red bean paste. They are quite yukky, not least because the gorgeous wrapping leads you to believe you're going to taste something sublime.