Kamakura Eats

When you're touring around Japan, ya sure can work up an appetite. Of course, if you're a rickshaw driver and you have to pull around tourists, you're always hungry. Don't worry. I didn't make this guy pull Buck around.
There's always something to take a picture of.

Little statues everywhere...

And then, you discover Okonomiyaki. What? You've never had Okonomiyaki? Me neither but I wanted to try this 'cause it sounded really yummy. Basically, you pick what type of meat or seafood you'd like. Then you receive a bowl filled to the brim with meat and veggies, a little batter and a raw egg on top. Start mixin it all together. Put a little lard on the grill, then pour it on like a pancake.

Season that baby up, let her cook and flip it a coupla times. Brush it with some teriyaki sauce and you're done! I ate every last morsel of mine.

Now, go back out and pull tourists around in your rickshaw to burn off all those calories. Don't worry. I didn't make her pull Buck around either. Besides, she's not wearing the proper footwear. I'd feel really bad if she got a blister or broke her back or sumthin. :-)

TIP-O-DAY: For Okonomiyaki in Kamakura, Sometaro has the best. It's at the entrance to Hase Temple about a block from the little trolly station. 3-12-11 Hase

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