Giddy Up!

I'm proud to inform ya'll that we're sponsoring this week's Give That Photo a Name contest over at one of my favorite blogs-- Pioneer Woman! You could win a $300 gift certificate from Mommy Tags & Maize Hutton!

Ree is a desperate housewife and former city girl plowing through life on a working cattle ranch in Oklahoma. Feast your eyes on some of her beautiful photos and read hilarious commentary about her hubbie Marlboro Man, her 4 punks, and what daily life is like on a cattle ranch.

Put on your creative thinking cap and join Ree tomorrow, August 8th, to enter your title for the Give That Photo a Name contest.

I promise it'll be a hootnanny!

See ya there!

Now, go check out her blog....but don't leave me forever--kay?!


Mary-Heather said...

Neat! I *love* Confessions of a Pioneer Woman! She's freaking hilarious. And her recipe blog rocks, too. I didn't know she lived in Oklahoma - don't know how I missed that! My fiance is from Tulsa and I think Oklahoma is so beautiful. Nice and green... unlike here in L.A. I'll be sure and enter this one!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I love her.

Honestly, I love you even more. I would LOVE to win!!