The Quirky Stuff

The Japanese love their store mascots. If I remember correctly, this one was for a kid's store called Chocolate Mama.

Of course, who doesn't know who this is? It was a bit weird though seeing the Colonel in a kimono holding a watermelon.

This must be Strawberry Shortcake or some version of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.

These rocker chicks actually wanted me to take their picture.

I suppose when you have a figure like theirs you can pretty much wear anything you want.

They also love to dye their hair. Usually, it's the copper color they go for. Hey, you in the middle. Stand up straight. Slouching isn't cool. Oh, and dude, if ya wanna work cattle out in Montana you're gonna havta go lift a few weights...kay?

Buck called my attention to the cheerleader in the pink shoes. Hummm....I wonder why?

Punk rock lives in Japan! Gotta love the two tone mohawk.

Oh, and we finally get to this guy. This was weird. He steps out of a taxi with his wife. Each are holding identical babies which we, at first, thought were twins. Both parents were dressed in black and white as were the twins. I started commenting about how cute they were until I noticed they were fake. Wha?

Then Buck says "Oh my gawd! Those are sympathy babies. I read about them somewhere. In Japan, when parents lose their kids to SIDS or something, they have these fake babies to carry around to help them grieve."

There were other Japanese sitting around us who were pointing at them and laughing. They weren't buying it. In fact, many who walked by the father gave him a strange look. Obviously, this was something new they're trying out.

I found it to be completely sad. I suppose on one level, it might help a parent get over their loss, but I think it could also send them further into a psychosis. And are people supposed to approach the couple and express their sympathy? I dunno. It's not workin for me.

I'm sorry to end today's post on such a strange note, but I had to show this to you. I thought it was very odd.


Anonymous said...

The Japanese have a wonderful sense of humor about them, for such reserved people. We love all the Japanese game shows - they are a hoot - especially the Human Tetris one. Too funny!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I love how they have their own style....that emo thing. Man I wanna go there.

But the baby thing, yuck.

Bee said...

I'm enjoyng your pictures very much, I'd love to go there.

The sympathy baby thing is very odd, I've never heard of that beofre.

I'm now going to google "human tetris"!!!

PAT said...

I enjoyed my visit to Japan through your photos, Maize. I found your blog at Esther Sunday's.

We lost a beloved grandson, just after birth, last November. Elijah only lived 2 hours. We still miss him and he will live forever in our hearts. However, I know my daughter and son in law, would not have carried these sympathy babies. They grieved, we all grieved. My duaghter and granddaughter make blankets for St Louis Childrens Hospital and we did and do other things to help us through this difficult year. I believe the sympathy baby is a part of another culture, that may work very well, there. But it would not be something for our family.