I've got the knittin' feeva!

The latest Lion Brand Yarn catalog arrived yesterday. Have you received your's yet? They did it again! They sucked me right in. Look at how cute these caps are. And the pattern is free on their website!

I can tell just by looking at these how they're made. I'd change the button though and come up with my own color combinations. These are simple and the pattern is also free! Free is good!

I love the look of this afghan, but I doubt I'd ever get around to making it.

But, these blankies, on the other hand, I'm thinkin' I REALLY NEED ONE! Especially, the pink one with ruffles. I've used the ruffle yarn before and it looks great on this blanket. The blankie patterns and the dog and cat patterns are free also, but I'm gonna have to learn how to crochet! Maybe this will be the year I actually tackle it!


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Let us know how you progress!! I have too many things going to learn a NEW craft!!

pppsstt...you know I adore you right!??!?!

Junie Moon said...

My catalog should arrive tomorrow but I'm enjoying the preview. I'm thinking the blanket is just the thing to do, too.