A Public Service Announcement

Since I'm sharing stories of our remodel, which is causing undo pain and suffering to my liver, I present to you The Rabbit!

To all of the wine connoisseurs and cheap drunks who read my blog, The Rabbit has completely and totally changed my life. For the better, of course.

If you lack upper body strength and hate using a corkscrew 'cause they're hard to pull, purchase Three Buck Chuck from Trader Joes, or just can't get a bottle open fast enough, look no further for a solution to your bottle opening woes. This baby is super slick, and well...it opens bottles as fast as a bunny, if ya know what I mean.

It's a bit expensive, but has a 10 year warranty. I promise, if you get a Rabbit, you'll thank me one day.

I'm Maize Hutton and I approve of this message.

We now go back to our regularly scheduled blog...


Ali said...

Oh yes, the speed at which I can get into a bottle of wine has improved no end since ours arrived!

But watch out, it's not too keen on plastic corks.

Esther Sunday said...

Guess I need to get one of this thingys for your next visit!!! Friggin's hysterical!!!! Love ya, Esther

tricia said...

I have one and its so much fun to use, we all rush to be the one who gets to open the bottle.

Anonymous said...

Girl, you know I have a Rabbit! And LOVE it... usually, I am of the Cheap Drunk persuasion and need something to open my big cheap, but delicious bottle QUICK!!! Ahhh... is it too early in the day to have a sip???