Christmas 1971

Mom! My gawd!!! What the hell is with the white tights? And, let's see.....I wore this dress AND TIGHTS at Christmas 1968!!! 3 years prior!!! See the picture below!

Kev's suit is really tight and you can tell the jacket is too small 'cause the sleeves are about 6 inches too short!!

But, oh Mister.... are stylin' in your new homemade corduroy 70's suit with the buckle belt, red shirt, bell bottom pants and ankle boots. Aren't you a stud!!!

And Candy Cane... our little doggy. She HATED her Santa outfit, especially the beard! Dad bought her as a puppy for a silver dollar. She was half Pomeranian and half Chihuahua. She loved to chase cars, birds, gophers and motorcycles, which would ultimately lead to her death when she was hit by a car while chasing a motorcycle in front of grandma GG's house. She's still buried in GG's backyard.

And, check out that tinsel on the tree! I saw some at St. V's the other day and almost bought it. But, then I remembered what a pita it is to clean up.


Junie Moon said...

I'm enjoying your Christmas retrospective--the photos are fun and the stories you share about them.

The Fabric Bolt said...

Oh my goodness! I was with you for the whole dresses (and pants) had those aweful huge hems, which my mom let out - over and over again. And I remember wearing those dresses and pants with the permanent light line where the old hem used to be. I'm so glad our kids don't have to go through that. Did you mom darn your socks, too? Is there anything more uncomfortable?