Day 86 Newsletter

Oh, dear Violet. You're 86 days old today and have grown into such a pretty little girl. You love to jump and can crawl up my leg like a cat. Max hates your guts and growls at you whenever you get close to him. I can't really blame him since you're always nipping at his face. You love to chase after him and bark in his face when he doesn't want to play with you...which is all the time.

You've figured out how to climb up the ottoman to get on top of the couch. The first week you were here, you discovered how to climb up the stairs. Getting down them was another matter--you kinda rolled down at first. It scared me because I thought you'd hurt yourself, but you're proving to be a pretty tough little cookie. You've already jumped off the bed a couple of times. I told Daddy we should set up an agility course in the back yard for you because you love to jump, run and climb.

Nothing scares you except having to take a bath and the Oreck vacuum cleaner. I don't blame you about the vacuum cleaner 'cause I think the thing is loud and scary too!

You love eating baby carrots as your treat and just discovered that you really like butternut squash. You love to eat any chance you get and when the bell goes off on the microwave, you run for your crate 'cause you know your food is ready. You already know that you can't eat in your crate when there's a blankie in there so you back out right away and wait for me to remove it.

You love meeting anyone new and greet them at the top of the stairs when they come into the house. Your tail wags wildly as you kiss them all over their face until they fall in love with you, which is pretty easy... until you nip on their ear, then they hand you back to me.

You've learned two new tricks-- how to dance and sit. We're still working on rolling over.

Levi calls you the Spawn of Satan, just because you could easily go to the dark side. Really easily. But, you can also be soooo sweet. Like last night when you were on my lap lying on your back sucking your dewclaw as if you were a little child sucking on her thumb. Soooo cute....

You sleep through the night and are almost completely house trained... just a few peeing accidents now and then.

You have the pinkest belly I've ever seen and I always steal a chance to kiss it.

Oh, that sweet luscious face. Looks like mama needs to trim around your eyes. Cutie cutie bun bun.


Esther Sunday said...

Poor Max. But, she is frickin' adorable. Happy New Year! Love you lots, Esther

Leslie said...

My Max loves those baby carrots, too! She is totally adorable.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said... stinkin cute can a dog be?!?!?!?!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Cutie cutie bun bun? You are SOOOOO smitten with that litle pup of yours, arent you??

Hallie :-)

farmerjulie said...

she is a cutie pie!!